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Atkins’ wellbeing experts are here to help guide you through the WellBriefing process

Caroline Paradise Head of Design Research

Caroline is an Architect and Associate Director leading a multi-disciplinary Research & Innovation team with extensive experience in applied research within practice. Caroline plays a fundamental role in raising the importance of the relationship between people and the built environment and the role it plays in supporting successful learning and teaching experiences.

“The process of designing for wellbeing needs to start at the earliest stage, at the development of the brief.”
Helen Groves Architect Director

Helen is an Architect Director and Head of our Education Sector nationally. Helen is passionate about the importance of placing people at the heart of design in education buildings: from the outset at the briefing and masterplan stages, through to the successful handover of projects and beyond. She is experienced in working with user clients to develop successful briefs which in turn create exciting and engaging learning spaces.

“Buildings for education are a powerful catalyst for developing future thinking, and as such it is critical that the brief is captured from the widest spectrum, especially including wellbeing.”
Cliff Grout Associate Engineer

Cliff is a building services engineer with 18 years' experience in design, construction and project delivery. Cliff has a keen interest in how buildings and their occupants interact, and how listening to end-user requirements can impact on the day to day lives of a building’s inhabitants. He believes making the correct design decisions at the beginning of a project is essential to make the building work.

“Understanding how buildings and people interact is crucial to the design process, and wellbeing is at the heart of this interaction”
Ruth Hynes Senior Design Researcher

Ruth Hynes is a Senior Design Researcher within the Research & Innovation team, with a background in architecture and a qualified WELL AP. She has experience in combining qualitative and quantitative research methods to better understand how buildings shape people’s experience. Ruth has experience working on a diverse range of research and design projects, including supporting collaborative research projects, and supporting the application of Human-Centred Design approach and the integration of wellbeing objectives within projects for Bournemouth University including Bournemouth Gateway Fusion Building and University of Bristol Biomedical Sciences Building.

Kirsty Pesticcio Senior Architect

Kirsty is a Senior Architect with experience of having designed and delivered projects from inception to completion. She has been working closely with the design research team in implementing a human-centred design approach to the way we work in order to deliver projects with wellbeing at the heart of the project lifecycle.

“HCD has been an incredibly powerful approach for both our clients and for us as designers. Built on research which captures user wellbeing preferences, we have been able to design, evidence and monitor our progress to meet client aspirations at every step. We are making the intangible, tangible!”
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