Our approach

An innovative engagement process to put wellbeing at the heart of building design

Wellbeing in practice

Our Human-Centred Design solution considers a range of nine physical and perceptual wellbeing factors. Understanding the complexities and interconnected nature of these parameters at the very beginning of a building project is the only way to deliver environments that maintain, at their heart, the wellbeing of those that inhabit them.

The application of our Human-Centred Design solution is a fantastic opportunity to engage with building users on a very deep level. This in-depth engagement in the early stages of a project ensures meaningful and succinct ambitions can be captured in the brief and embedded within the design of the building.

Our Human-Centred Design engagement process

Our Human-Centred Design solution uses an interactive digital survey to engage with a broad spectrum of building users and commissioning teams to establish their specific priorities relating to wellbeing.

The physical parameters of health and wellbeing tend to be more tangible but those that impact our mental wellbeing are less straight forward to define but can have as significant an impact.

Nine physical and perceptual wellbeing factors

Our Human-Centred Design end-user survey provides a wide range of detailed quantitative and qualitative data on user response

The data collected forms a set of wellbeing indicators and is used by our inter-disciplinary design teams to make informed and timely decisions that promote and embody the values of health and wellbeing. This encompasses everything from building layout and plan organisation through to environmental design solutions, materials and specification of systems.

Human-Centred Design solution development

Once design concepts are generated, our Human-Centred Design solution toolkit can test these against wellbeing indicators, energy in-use, and capex and opex projections.

This allows clients to make informed decisions, enabling them to commission a final building that reflects their vision, ambitions, end-users' needs, and their budgets - based on quantitative information.

Our design team then has a clear direction of travel. The generated buildings are fit for purpose and put wellbeing at the heart of design and investment decision-making.

A Human-Centred Design solution to create healthy, meaningful, productive and sustainable buildings

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