About wellbeing

Why wellbeing matters

There's a clear social and economic argument for a Human-Centred Design solution. Staff costs are 90 per cent of typical business running costs in comparison to the one per cent spent on energy bills. A design that reduces stress and promotes healthier living, enables people to concentrate better, interact more effectively and work more efficiently, can have a much greater cost impact than one that focuses purely on reducing energy costs through reduced absenteeism and increased staff productivity.

Truly sustainable buildings must sustain the people and communities they serve

Taking action on wellbeing

As architects and designers, we’re constantly aware of the need to create places and spaces that are uplifting and inspire us – that are light and airy, encourage social interaction and enable people to fulfil their potential. We want the projects we work on to have a positive impact on people’s lives and we want to do this with an environmentally responsible and cost sensitive approach to place-making.

This focus on wellbeing offers a great opportunity to create buildings that make a real positive impact on people’s lives. That’s why Atkins has developed a Human-Centred Design solution. Our award winning, digital design tools support an innovative engagement process that enable clients and building users to articulate and prioritise the aspects of the built environment that are most important to them in terms of their health and wellbeing.

These priorities are captured and inform the building brief, interpreting and testing different design solutions, to create a building that’s truly bespoke to its users’ needs.

Our Human-Centred Design solution defines wellbeing by nine interconnected physiological and psychological parameters

Our Human-Centred Design solution streamlines the design development process and creates a vital new digital component for the asset management of the buildings.

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