Putting people's wellbeing at the heart of building design
“Architecture is ultimately all about improving peoples’ wellbeing. As we move toward a more complex and interconnected world, a much more open and collaborative approach is needed between architects, designers, infrastructure investors and the people who use buildings to maximise the potential of people and property.”

Our Research

The economic benefits of Human-Centred Design

Atkins has produced a study on the relationship between wellness and productivity – the underlying data research was conducted by researchers from Imperial College London in partnership with Atkins, and seeks to examine how human-centred design can promote improved health and wellbeing with spin-off benefits in terms of greater productivity.


Our Approach

Our Human-Centred Design solution is an innovative engagement and design process focused on the most important aspect of any building – the people that occupy it. It helps clients and building users make early, informed design decisions to improve wellbeing, energy efficiency and costs.


Combined views of nature & daylighting can improve productivity & absenteeism up to 6.5%. (Ihab M.K. Elzeyadi, 2011)


6% reduction in measured stress by improving social cohesion in the workplace through layout design. (Pilot study for Bank of America: Waber B.(2013) )


Mental health problems cost UK Employers £26 billion each year.(CIPD factsheets 2015)

570k hrs

570,000 hours lost per year due to workplace absences linked to poor building design in UK. (Jon Guest, Economic Study - Atkins, 2016)

Our Work

Our Human-Centred Design solution is helping a number of our clients and their building users to put wellbeing at the heart of their building design. We offer this both as part of a full multidisciplinary design team and as a standalone service.
Bournemouth University

We’re working with Bournemouth University to bring together staff and students from the Faculty of Health and Social Science, currently located in disparate facilities around the campus, in a new gateway building which embodies health and wellbeing.

University of Glasgow

We are using Our Human-Centred Design solution to gain a deeper understanding of the aspirations and priorities of the wide range of people that will be using a new facility to support both teaching and research environments for student and staff from three different faculties at the University of Glasgow.

Lime Tree Primary Academy

Lime Tree Primary Academy brings a new way of teaching and learning that blends indoor and outdoor learning in new and exciting ways

Our People

Meet our Human-Centred Design team who are helping clients put wellbeing at the heart of their buildings

Caroline Paradise

Head of Design Research

Helen Groves

Associate Director

Cliff Grout

Associate Engineer

Our Views

We’re keen to share our thoughts on the role we can play as designers to support the health and wellbeing not just of our clients, but of everyone, as well as build the social and economic argument for doing so.

We share our thoughts on our own website as well as in industry journals and the national press.


If we give office workers the means to control their environment we will contributing to a healthier, happier and more productive population.


Philip Watson discusses the factors to consider when making the right design decisions.


Caroline Paradise on the importance of movement to our health and how designers can shape our world to encourage more active lifestyles.

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